Somatics for Anxiety

Find new tools for coping with anxiety

A four-week exploration of body-first approaches to reducing anxiety.

Torso-expanding side bend

You’re probably aware that the mind and body are deeply interconnected. Most approaches to reducing anxiety focus on the mind in the hope of changing physical symptoms like tension, rapid heartbeat, and sleep issues. In this course, we’ll explore a variety of techniques that start with making changes in the body with the goal of impacting the mental and physical presentations of anxiety.

Here’s what you’ll learn

an elderly couple meditating in the park

Conscious Breathing

Link breath patterns and restorative postures to experience deep calm

cheerful black woman doing side bend with trainer

Gliding Movement

Glide through a simple seated yoga sequence to free fascia and release tension

black and white photo of a man exercising tai chi in a city

Flowing Chi

Use qigong movements to build, ground and circulate energy through the body

woman using vr goggles outdoors

Immersive Distraction

Chose your medium to enter an engaging flow state – then return refreshed

Meet Emily

Emily uses a variety of bodywork techniques to help people make space for change in body, mind, and soul.

She has practiced yoga, t’ai chi, Slings, and other movement modalities for over half her life, and has used many of the techniques she teaches on her own journey to health.

Watch a quick overview of the Anxiety Cycle and how we can use the Somatic Cycle to reduce feelings of anxiety.