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Using Somatics to Interrupt the Anxiety Cycle

Somatic simply refers to something that focuses on the sensations of the body. In this case, somatics specifically means a practice that uses the body-mind connection to impact total well-being.

Parting the Horse's Mane

This mind-body connection is recognized in different parts of the world. In Chinese practices like T’ai Chi (taiji), the flow of chi through the body is assumed to impact health, strength, and vitality.

In India, prana is the life-breath that animates all we do. Similar to chi, the flow of prana through the body is the key to calm and health.

an elderly couple meditating in the park
18th century drawing of a human skeleton and the deep layer of muscles connecting the bones. By Arnauld-Eloi Gautier-Dagoty (1741-1771). Original from The New York Public Library. Digitally enhanced by rawpixel.

Western science is starting to catch up, too. New fields of study are investigating the interconnectedness of muscles, fascia (connective tissue), vagal nerve, and even the gut microbiome with the mood and sense of self.

Whichever way you like to understand it, let’s work from the perspective that the body and mind are deeply interconnected. We may not understand exactly how that connection works – but that doesn’t stop it from working!

If you haven’t seen it already, please watch this short video on the anxiety cycle and how a somatic approach works to reduce anxiety symptoms.