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photo of woman stretching

Somatics for Anxiety

This 4-week course is a guided exploration of a variety of body-centered techniques for reducing anxiety. You’ll learn the theory behind each technique, practice it at home, and learn what types of techniques best help you cope with anxiety. Topics include:

  • Conscious breathing
  • Gliding motion
  • Flowing chi
  • Immersive distraction
Person doing restorative yoga

Self-Care for Restoration

This course is geared toward people dealing with chronic stress, adrenal fatigue, or Long Covid. We’ll look at:

  • Emily’s personal story of recovering from post-viral fatigue
  • The importance of working within your energy limitations after illness or chronic stress
  • A practical method for measuring your energy expenditures to avoid overexertion
  • Movement practice videos geared toward constructive rest and active recovery
  • BONUS: Easy-to-prepare menu for a week of nourishing dinners