About Emily

I’m Emily Springfield, and you can think of me as your mind-body wellness general practitioner. I began exploring body + mind connections when I took my first yoga class in college back when the years began with “19…”. I also studied an “internal” form of t’ai chi for over five years, which helped me develop skills in reading body tension and energy flow. More recently, I’ve added somatic techniques from reflexology, somatic movement, and myofascial release to my skillset. This broad background lets me help clients by matching appropriate methodologies to their specific issues. My clients have told me I’ve helped them reduce pain, improve their gait, understand their crushing fatigue, and dramatically tone down their anxiety. My work is deeply integrative and addresses emotional aspects right alongside the physical. 

My history as a recipient of mind-body work

I am a long-time recipient of various kinds of bodywork, from reflexology and t’ai chi healing to massage to biogeometric integration chiropractic work. In addition to helping me cope with daily stress, I also credit these complementary therapies with helping me heal from a fairly serious concussion in 2014 and a 3-year long bout of post-viral fatigue from 2016-2019. I understand brain fog and the frustration of the push-and-crash cycle – you’ll never hear me say “It’s all in your head”! My experience has also taught me some very important tools for recovering from these types of conditions, and I think they can help you, too.