I’m Emily Springfield. I’ve been interested in hands-on healing since I was a teenager.  I began exploring body + energy connections when I started studying yoga in college. Later, I began learning an “internal” form of t’ai chi, which helps me develop skills in reading body tension and energy flow.  I also have experienced the benefits of regular bodywork, from reflexology and t’ai chi healing to massage to biogeometric integration chiropractic work. In 2017, I was able to begin my own course of study, learning from Greg Knollmeyer (my reflexologist) and his teacher, Gloria Zimet.

About my practice

Gentle adults and teens of all genders are welcome in my practice. As of July 2021, I will be practicing out of my home studio in Chelsea, Michigan, surrounded by tranquil forest and gorgeous views.

What to expect during a session

I’ll start by asking you a few questions about specific goals or major medical conditions you may have. You’ll find a comfortable reclining position, fully clothed except for your bare feet, on a massage table equipped with pillows and bolsters to support you. I usually begin with a soothing foot massage using cocoa butter. The pressure is light, but not at all ticklish. As I work with the reflex zones on your feet, I can “check in” with your whole body to see what is asking for help in that moment. That may take the form of more foot massage, gentle movements of the legs and arms, and focus on moving energy through areas where it seems “stuck.” As the energy flows more freely, your body can make adjustments, relax, and heal itself. The ultimate goal of the work is for you to be able to make adjustments yourself and not need sessions to handle everyday stresses and pains.

This form of body work is very gentle. Pressure is firm and soothing; there is no deep pressure on sore points and no “bone cracking” when moving limbs and joints. My clients have ranged in age from 6 to 95, many with old or chronic injuries, and the most common reactions I hear are relaxation, anxiety reduction, pain reduction, and increased mobility.

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