Peppermint Tea


Super fresh and strong peppermint tea, grown in Chelsea and dried by Emily!

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KAPOW! If you’re used to grocery store peppermint, buckle up! This one’s grown here in Chelsea and dried by hand, and it’s on a whole different level! Rich and potent, but not at all “toothpaste-y” – it almost has fruity overtones. I harvested this one in bloom, which adds a really remarkable character. Every time I work with this tea, making blends and such, I have to have a cup – it’s that good!

Drink it straight up for all the reasons people traditionally love peppermint tea – soothing tummies and such – or try this one in a bowl of steaming water to inhale the steam if you’re feeling stuffy in the nasal region.


Use about one teaspoon of loose tea in a mesh infuser per 8oz cup of tea. Steep 3-5 minutes. Enjoy hot or cold. Or, pour about a quart of boiling water on a tablespoon or two. Let cool slightly (don’t burn yourself!) and inhale the steam.

Includes enough tea to make about 15 cups of tea.

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