Better Broth Powder


Add a boost of nutrition to your soup or broth. Delicious and deeply nourishing!

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Add a dose of nutrition to your soup! Better Broth Powder is a delicious, deeply nourishing blend of herbs that will add an extra dose of oomph to any broth – store-bought, homemade, or even canned soup. You can also add a hefty scoop of it and a bit of salt to plain water to make broth from scratch. Vegan, gluten-free, salt-free, soy-free – none of the “junk” of premade bouillon and a bazillion times more of the stuff you need to build you back up.

Ingredients: Ginger, garlic, burdock root, astragalus root, , turmeric, dandelion leaf, celery leaf.


Use about one teaspoon in a can of soup or a cup of premade broth. To make your own broth, use one tablespoon per 12-16 oz. of water, plus salt to taste. You can also add collagen or gelatin powder for extra easy-to-digest protein, if you’re into that kind of thing.

60 grams – about 36 teaspoons – makes 1.5-2.25 gallons of broth

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Small – makes ~18 cups, Large – makes ~35 cups


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