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Ease Back on Alcohol with Herbal Teas

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Herbal teas have a wide variety of flavors and effects, and, unlike alcohol, are generally strengthening instead of stressful to the body.

I’ve had four separate conversations with people in the last few weeks who are looking to cut back their alcohol consumption. One of the common themes is that part of the reason they drink alcohol is for the “rituals” around the alcohol, not the alcohol itself. For example:

  • One person liked to “unwind at wine o’clock
  • One person loved the sense of luxury of a well-poured drink in a beautiful glass
  • One person had days where they felt like they “needed a drink” after dealing with obnoxious people and difficult situations
  • One loved the creativity of mixology and the flavor combinations they could concoct

In these cases, teas and other herbal products can help “fill the gap” left when you cut back on alcohol. “Wine o’clock” becomes “Tea thirty” as you prepare yourself something tasty and mentally unwind. A gorgeous tea pot and favorite cup can elevate a simple tea to a delicacy. Herbal syrups and infusions can be blended with non-alcoholic mixers into a creative array of zero-proof cocktails.

If you’d like to try subbing tea for some of your alcohol, here are some I’d suggest:

glass of refreshing drink with grapefruit and rosemary
Photo by Charlotte May on Pexels.com

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