Hallowed Mallows

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A rich, heartening blend that can be brewed three ways. Steep it in milk to evoke Halloween s’mores, or in water to bring Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations to mind, or get witchy and use it to spice your coffee (with or without a shot of something stronger)!

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This seasonal blend is a bold mix of cacao, marshmallow, astragalus, and cinnamon, with a sprinkling of calendula petals. The obvious inspiration for this one is Halloween s’mores, but as I thought about October traditions, the blend grew and evolved. Astragalus is a nourishing root, often added to soups in China. It has a very mild, slightly earthy taste, and to me is the embodiment of deeply-rooted wellbeing. Cacao – minus the sugar we usually add to hot cocoa – is a potent antioxidant. Marshmallow is demulcent, meaning it moistens and soothes mucus membranes – great for dry autumn days. Cinnamon and calendula have their own herbal benefits, but here act mostly as condiments.

There are three delicious – and very different! – ways to enjoy this blend.

  • Halloween “S’mores steamer” version: A warm, creamy treat reminiscent of cool nights and campfires. Steep 2 tsp in 8oz warm milk with 1 tsp honey or maple syrup. Serve with a graham cracker for extra s’mores-y goodness, and remember the treats you loved as a kid!
  • Day of the Dead “Mexican cacao” version: Cacao and spices evoke Mexican hot chocolate, while calendula petals recall the marigolds used to decorate the graves of the beloved departed. Steep 2 tsp in 8oz hot water. Add ground cayenne or chipotle pepper to taste. Sweeten if desired. Ponder the enigma of sadness at a person’s passing, but joy at the legacy they left with you.
  • Samhain “Dark and strong” version: Embrace the coming dark of the year, with all its bitterness and joy. Take strength from the deep-rooted astragalus as you think of all your ancestors have survived before you. Steep 2 tsp in 8oz hot coffee. For an extra kick, spike it with your favorite “bracing tipple!”

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  1. SuzieBH

    I am in love with this blend! Perfect for the current time of year (Autumn) but I *know* I’ll be reaching for it through the year in all seasons. The different ways of preparing it totally give it completely different vibes – I’ve tried the Mexican cacao way, totally great, and the “Dark and strong” version, and absolutely love both. I try new teas all the time (it’s an issue! Or is it??! My cupboards say yes but my heart says keep it up) and this is one of my absolute faves this year — So creative and interesting. You gotta give it a try.

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