Self-Care for Restoration

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Phase 1: Radical Rest

Restoration Phase 1: Radical Rest

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Quick Facts

What’s going on?Your body, especially your endocrine system, is malfunctioning due to chronic stress, illness, or both
How do I know I’m in this stage?You don’t have a fever or other overt symptoms of illness, but you are tired most of the time. You wake up tired, drag yourself through as much work as you can, take naps, and still can’t seem to get back on your feet. You’re too tired to even think about exercising. You know your limits, because you feel limited every minute of the day.
What’s the most important thing to do in this stage?Avoid as much unnecessary effort as you can. Reduce strain on your heart. Sleep as much as possible – 10+ hours/day.
How do I do that?Reduce the amount of job-work and housework you do. Avoid exercise, limit physical activity, and increase time reclining.
A quick overview of the most important aspects of the Radical Rest phase of recovery.
Phases of healing: Radical Rest, Active Recovery, and Reconditioning.