Self-Care for Restoration

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I am not a doctor. I am a bodyworker with training in a variety of somatic practices. I am a person who experienced post-viral fatigue and recovered using the protocol in this course. I believe this protocol is well-informed, as I developed it from a combination of guidance from my doctor and other knowledgeable people. It also has been useful to people I have consulted with in my bodywork practice.


This course isn’t a cure.

It helps you create the proper conditions for your body to heal itself. You may need additional medical help in addition to this course. Please do not use the information in this course in place of medical help.

While this course shares the protocol that helped me recover from post-viral fatigue (or “adrenal fatigue”), it is not sufficient to diagnose or treat a condition that you may be dealing with. It describes self-care that you can use at home to support your body as it heals itself, preferably in conjunction with medical support from your usual healthcare practitioners.

Paradoxical reactions are common when bodies are extremely stressed. This means that things that are “supposed” to help, or which help other people, actually make you feel worse. If any of the practices in this course leave you tired, especially the next day, stop doing them immediately. Step 1 will go into more detail about why it is so important to not do things that leave you more tired. For now, just remember: if you are tired, you need to rest more, NOT push through the fatigue!