Coming Soon – Wellness Classes!

As 2022 and the pandemic wear on, I’m realizing that a lot of folks are needing help rebuilding their health. Whether it’s recovering from Covid, dealing with burnout, or just trying to adjust to a world with constant ongoing crises, folks feel unwell and aren’t finding help from their usual resources.

So, I’m spending this fall putting together some courses to share some techniques for returning to health and thriving in the midst of (*waves hands*) All This Stuff. Currently in development:

  • Somatics for Anxiety – an exploration of four different ways to use body movement and breath to combat anxiousness
  • Self-Care for Restoration – a detailed protocol for dealing with the fatigue common after Covid, during chronic stress, and after job burnout
Emily doing a seated sidebend
Courses include theory and gentle movement practices

See my Courses page for more details, and sign up for my newsletter to be alerted when new courses are available!

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