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Adrenal Fatigue Recovery, Pt. 2: Menu

For background, see Adrenal Recovery, Pt. 1


  • Deeply nutritious food that’s fairly easy to prepare
  • Protein, fat, and complex carbs every time you eat
  • Avoid sugar and refined carbs like white bread
  • Go ahead and eat salt – you need the sodium
  • Keep blood sugar steady – so eat frequently (even if you have to get up and eat in the middle of the night)

For the week, prepare:


  • Meaty:
    • Pick any 2-4 oz of meat: burger “sliders,” pork tenderloin, no-nitrate hot dogs (e.g., Applegate Natural), baked turkey breast, or a grilled chicken thigh
    • Complex carbs: Sprouted whole grain bread (or bun) or sweet potato slices
    • A vegetable, if you can swing it: Salt-n-garlic beans or steamed carrot sticks
  • Veggie:
    • Calabaza queso on corn tortillas
    • Corn tortillas with refried beans and cheese
    • Raw carrot
    • Eggs are great, if you can have them
  • Avocado toast + protein


Soup, stew, etc.

Pan dinners

Baked/Pressure/Big Batch

Super Quick

  • Rotisserie chicken and salt’n’garlic beans or Brussels sprouts (I probably ate this meal once a week for a year – use leftovers for chicken salad and broth)
  • Salmon burgers with veg
  • Beef tips (keep the serving of mashed potatoes small, and add lots of butter)
  • Chicken salad on salad, with Mary’s crackers or Triscuits

To have on hand

  • Calabaza queso, Zucchini butter, hummus, or Baba ganouj
  • Triscuits
  • Nuts/Kind bars
  • Meatballs, Grilled chicken thighs, and/or hot dogs
  • Coconut bars (omit honey but keep choc chips – 1 g sugar per serving)
  • Sweet potato wedges
  • Praeger’s veg patties (check varieties)
    • Cali burger
    • Greens burger has some potato flakes mid-way down the list; lowest carb option
    • Asian burger has some potato flakes way down the list
    • Bibimbop burger has some potato flakes way down the list; higher carb
    • Others have too much white stuff and/or egg

Freezer-stocking meals

Dining Out

  • Japanese
    • Agedashi Tofu
    • Miso
    • Edamame
    • Yakitori (sauce on side)
    • Hand rolls and brown rice on rolls
    • Chicken Terriyaki w/o sauce
  • Chinese
    • Get brown rice or don’t eat rice at restaurant
    • Moo goo gai pan
    • Hunan chicken
    • Chicken and vegetables
  • Session Room
    • Sub corn tortilla for slider bun
    • Chicken tacos
  • Qdoba/Chipotle
    • Burrito with brown rice
    • Tacos with soft corn tortillas
  • Great Plains
    • Burger, 1/2 wheat bun, sweet potato fries
  • Noodles & Co
    • Chicken Veracruz salad
    • Items on “zoodles” instead of grain-based noodles
    • They don’t have ww noodles anymore, and most stuff has a lot of sugar.

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