Best Peppermint on the Planet!

Seriously, y’all, I don’t know what kind of magic Anna D’Lamater is laying down over at Jacob’s Fresh Farm, but she grows the best peppermint I’ve ever had!

Peppermint Plant

I harvested a bunch of it a couple weeks ago, and it’s now dry and ready to go out into the world. I’ve been making up packets of pure peppermint and using it in blends, and every time I work with it, I have to have a cup. It’s bright, peppy, and almost fruity – not at all like the “toothpaste mint” you sometimes get. Skip the morning coffee – this’ll brighten your eyes and bushy-up your tail!

I’m finding myself putting it in things I wouldn’t normally add mint to, like my tulsi-anise hyssop blend. There’s something about it that just elevates the whole thing. Have you ever added a touch of lemon or salt to a dish and suddenly the whole thing POPS, without tasting like lemon or salt? That’s what this peppermint does to a tea blend!

You can bet it’ll be featured in the Tea-Of-The-Month Club, both alone and in mixes! I’ll also be taking some over to the Jacob’s Fresh Farm Stand, where you can pick it up along with their veggies and other goodies.

But for the moment, I’m going to go snuggle up with a mug of my own…

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