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How to Stretch When You Don’t Want to Get Out of Bed

Weather got you down? Dreading your day at work? Recovering from COVID or another part of the 2022 “tripledemic”? Depressed? Just enjoying your warm, cozy bed too much to haul your hindquarters out into the cold Michigan winter? (Not that I’d have any experience with that…ahem…)

Here’s a five-minute stretch to ease you into some movement. By the time you’re done, you may well find that extracting yourself from the covers has lost some of its horror. And if not…well, you’ll have moved your body a bit and gotten the blood and oxygen moving.

I’m demonstrating this on my massage table, but I promise you, you can start this routine in bed under the covers!

I sequenced these movements to move you in gentle stages from “hiding under a blanket” through “de-creakifying your body” to “emerging to start your day.” Only takes 5 minutes!

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