Long Covid Support

I welcome people who are struggling to recover from COVID-19. I had a three-year bout of post-viral fatigue (diagnosed as “adrenal fatigue”) after a case of viral pneumonia in 2016, which resembled many aspects of post-Covid sequelae. While I can’t claim to “cure” Long Covid, I do have techniques for escaping the push-crash cycle that folks with Long Covid and adrenal fatigue find themselves stuck in. I learned some of these techniques from my doctor, gathered others from experts in adrenal fatigue and active recovery training, and developed some on by own based on what I’d learned about the condition. I actually feel better now than I did before I got sick!

I’ve also found that I can detect patterns of disconnection and depletion through my hands-on somatic work. I can provide support in my office, and also give you ideas of other avenues, like supplements or additional diagnoses, to explore on your own.

I’d love to share these techniques with you. If you are local to Chelsea, Michigan, we can work together in person. If travel is not an option for you, you can access my online courses.